Foot Cream NAPPA Cooling Menthol 110 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Cooling Menthol Nappa Foot Cream  is ideal for people involved in sports, during long journeys  or when working in a standing position. It brings immediate relief to tired and swollen feet. The complex of oils: eucalyptus, almond and grape moisturizes and gently lubricates. It also helps prevent excessive development of feet microflora. The light formula enables fast absorption of the cream, which makes feet regain lightness, while the skin becomes moisturized and nourished.

How to use: Massage into the clean and dry skin of feet until absorbed.

Available fragrances: eucalyptus

The ingredients of the cream:

Menthol- cools, refreshes.

Eucalyptus oil – acts antimicrobial, used in cases of skin inflammation, pain of various origins, athlete’s foot. Gives feeling of freshens and cool.

Glycerin- binds water in the epidermis, moisturizes and protects against excessive skin drying, soothes, improves elasticity, facilitates absorption of other substances deep into the skin.

Almond Oil – it is a good moisturizer, contains antioxidants. It is recommended for the dry, irritated and after sunbathing skin care. Contains EFAs – even up to 85% of oleic acid omega-9, linolenic acid omega-6 and linoleic acids omega-3.

Grape oil – rich in EFAs  ω-3, ω-6, ω-9 and vitamin E, which seals the nail plate and acts antioxidant. It contains up to 0,5% of antidoxants of phenolic compounds group (vanillic and sinapic acid).

Vitamin E – anti-aging, acts against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, regulates water economy, normalizes  reactivity of the skin.

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TREATMENT TYPE: cooling and relaxing