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Body cream with Shea butter 275 g

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Dense, creamy, great revitalize your skin! Body Butter moisturizes without leaving greasy layer while preventing excessive water loss.

Body cream with Shea butter is a source of natural beauty, eternal youth and silky skin for many years Contains many valuable nutrients, fatty acids, which act moisturize the skin by rebuilding damaged cells. Allantoin and Vitamin E contained in the butter to soothe irritation, provitamin A (retinol) and stimulates the skin regenerates to produce more collagen preventing the aging. Shea butter contains protective filter 3 - 4 SPF (UVB), which helps protect against sunburn.

Light, delicate texture balm Silcare makes the product perfectly absorbable and the skin is perfectly smooth and moisturized. The delicate aroma of vanilla milk remains for long time.

How to use: massage into clean, dry skin all over the body.

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