Body lotion after depilation QUIN soothing-cooling 275 ml

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Soothing-cooling body lotion Unique was made for every woman who suffers from irritated, red skin after depilation. It is a great product that not only soothes irritations, but also brings cooling relief for skin. 

It is destined for intensive regeneration of skin after mechanical and chemical depilation. Recommended for people who use both trimmers and razors, as well as wax stripes, wax, sugaring paste and depilatory cream.

The body lotion has a light consistency, while its quickly and easily absorbing formula contains: D-Panthenol (provitamin B5), peach kernel oil and menthol.

Body lotion soothes and appreciably reduces skin redness and excessive warm. It brings relief and  delicately and pleasantly cools and refreshes the skin. It also gently disinfects and protects against the dermatitis. The product gently nourishes, especially dry parts, and restores the proper lubrication level for normal skin. It delivers feeling of softness and smoothness. The body lotion clearly hydrates and regenerates the skin after hair removal treatment.

Intended for every type of skin, especially for sensitive and irritation prone skin.


  • soothes redness and irritation of epidermis
  • intensively and deeply moisture skin
  • improves functions of protective barrier of skin
  • refreshes and invigorate
  • gently cools
  • smoothens skin
  • quickly absorbs
  • doesn’t leave sticky feeling

How to use: after depilation apply a thin layer of body lotion on depilated body parts and massage using a circular motion. Leave until fully absorbed.