OUTLET Base One Gel UV Cat Eye 5 g

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Silcare Base One Żel UV Cat Eye - 22 Manul

OUTLET Base One Gel UV Cat Eye 5 g

Magnet for Cat Eye Effect *04

Magnet for Cat Eye Effect *04



Cat’s Eye Magnetic look in 10 versions

Amazing, mysterious, intriguing gloss of Cat Eye is now available on your nails!

Base One Cat Eye are unique UV gels with magnetic colouration and properties. Nails with Cat Eye effect  beautifully glow, enchant with original transition of colours and attract attention like cat’s pupils. With Base One Cat Eye gel and a special magnet in only five seconds you will create Cat Eye effect on your nails, which changes its location depending on the light angle and hand position.

Base One Cat Eye collection consists of 10 colour UV gels that are pigmented, have great covering properties and beautifully sparkle. Each of them enchant with an extraordinary and amazing colour, therefore they can be used as traditional gels or transformed into a small work of art with magnet for the cat eye effect.


  • Spectacular effect
  • Great covering properties
  • Self-leveling
  • Medium thick

WAY OF USE: before use, stir the product in the packaging. Apply a thin layer of gel over the nail plate or tips and cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes. Subsequently, apply another thin layer of the gel, and put the magnet near the nail at a distance of 2-3 mm for approximately 5-10 seconds. Cure the ready cat eye effect under UV lamp for 2 minutes. Apply the glossy top coat.