Nail polish The Garden of Colour *160 9 ml

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When buying a nail conditioner with a capacity of 9 or 15 ml and classic nail polish from The Garden Of Colour series with a capacity of 9 lub 15 ml, olive roll-on 11 ml or 10 ml stick you will get 99.9 % chaper.

A shiny manicure, although beautiful, can get bored. How about a matte effect on your nails?

You don't have to be a fan of hybrid varnishes or gel manicure to keep your nails beautiful. Traditional The Garden of Colour varnishes have a whole host of advantages! It only takes a moment to paint a tile, and you don't need any professional equipment to style it. You can change the color of your nails anywhere! Shades of nail polish are saturated, strong and look great on long and short nails.

The Garden of Colour nail polish stands for durability. Of course, you can change the colors even every day (washing the varnish is child's play), but this will only result from your desire, not necessity.

How to use: Apply a coat of nail polish to the prepared nail plate, wait a moment and apply a second coat.