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TYPE: colors
UV/LED CURING: 48 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering - 2 coats recommended

Building a snowman and long winter walks arent your thing. You prefer to sit at the warm fireplace and enjoy the colorful fairy lights and decoration inside your home. You can make your cozy holiday moments even better. maniMORE set contains three highly pigmented gel polisher, vitamin base coat and top coat with rose-gold flakes, which will spoil you even more thanks to the luxusious looking nail art. The set includes:

  • Mani More Gel Polish Intense Vitamin Base 10 g,
  • Mani More Gel Polish Rich Rose Top Coat 10 g,
  • Mani More Gel Polish *26 10 g,
  • Mani More Gel Polish *06 10 g,
  • Mani More Gel Polish *02 10 g.