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Antibacterial soap Silcare 500 ml

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Silcare Antibacterial soap 500 ml

Antibacterial soap Silcare 500 ml

Silcare Hand Cream QUIN with urea 5% 110 ml

Hand Cream QUIN with urea 5% 110 ml


Liquid hand soap disinfectant is a liquid biocidal agent that effectively combats viruses, fungi and bacteria, making it perfect for disinfection of hands. Its active substance, a compound from the group of benzalkonium chlorides, perfectly copes with destroying microorganisms and inhibiting their growth. The contained in it skin care ingredients take care of the skin of hands, so even frequent use of the product does not make it dry.


  • biocidal product,
  • disinfects the hands, effectively removing viruses, fungi and bacteria,
  • effectively removes impurities,
  • contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients,
  • colorless and odorless,
  • product intended for frequent use.


All our biocidal preparations are registered in the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.


Directions for use: Apply small amount of soap directly to moistened skin of hands or to body, massage until foam appears, then rinse under running water. Repeat if necessary.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from direct sunlight.


Do you know what to search for when choosing a disinfectant? Take a look at our blog, we have prepared a small guide for you!

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