Mother of pearl in selfadhesive sheets

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Pattern and shine of a natural shell on your nails!

Self-adhesive mother of pearl in sheets for embedding in UV gel is a professional and innovative method of decorating nails. Its main advantage is the original end result, impossible to perform with other techniques. If you want your nails to have different colors at the same time, delight and attract looks, mother of pearl will be the perfect product to achieve this goal. The stylish and unique design embedded in UV gel is a guarantee of a unique decoration that looks like a shell glistening in the sun on the nails. Mother-of-pearl in sheets will give character to any style. It is possible to apply LED gels for this type of stylization.

The three available designs will allow any decorating compositions. They can be combined, used as an addition to decoration or cover the entire nail plate with the product.


  • pattern and shine of a natural shell
  • smooth texture
  • self-adhesive, rigid sheets
  • do not tarnish
  • they do not discolor

We prepare the desired gel / hybrid stylization.
Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we choose one of the possible styling methods:

  1. Details from mother of pearl on the nail - we cut out any shapes from the sheet (e.g. triangles). We glue fragments of mother-of-pearl onto hardened and wiped from a dispersion layer of 2 layers of colored gel / hybrid. Then apply 1 layer of top or clear gel to the finished decoration and cure (it is recommended to use clear to finish any retail styling). We wash the dispersion layer.
  2. Whole nail from mother of pearl - we cut out from the sheet a shape similar to the shape of the selected nail / tips. On a hardened and worn with a cleaner thin layer of clear gel, stick a prepared piece of mother of pearl. Then apply clear gel on mother of pearl (building layer), and after filing and matting, a clear or top coat gloss coat. Cure in a UV / LED lamp and wipe with a cleaner.

NOTE: To adjust the mother of pearl to the shape of the nail / tips, the cut out fragment should be broken before tearing off the paper securing the glue. In this way, the decoration is easier to match the nail / tips. Thanks to this, it will keep its natural streamlined shape, which will make it easier to sink the ornament into the cleaner.