Max Hand Gel Cleaner Kids 60 ml

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Do you want to ensure safety of the littlest hands? Are you looking for a product that is easy and comfortable to use for your child?

Max Hand Gel Cleaner Kids is a hand cleansing gel based on a high content of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol that constitute 60% of the product’s composition. Pure rectified spirit at abv of 96%* was used in its production, which unlike its cheaper substitutes, is of the highest quality and is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this, our product effectively removes various types of impurities and is an important part of preventive actions. The product also contains pharmaceutical-grade glycerin and D-panthenol – regenerating and moisturizing substances – which prevent excessive drying of the skin on hands as well as improve its elasticity. The product is contained in a handy roll-on bottle, thanks to which a child can easily apply an appropriate amount of it on their hands. The gel formula absorbs easily and leaves a subtle and pleasant aroma of juicy papaya on the hands. The small capacity of the product – 60 ml – allows it to fit in a pocket of a backpack or a coat. The product does not require the use of water.


  • based on a high content of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol (60% of total contents);
  • 96% pure rectified spirit was used in its production; it’s included in the Polish Pharmacopoeia (official list of drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials);
  • absorbs easily, does not flow off the hands and does not leave a sticky layer;
  • glycerin and D-panthenol prevent excessive drying of the skin on hands and improve its elasticity;
  • does not require the use of water;
  • small roll-on bottle allows easy application and makes it fit in a child’s backpack pocket;
  • product leaves a subtle scent of juicy papaya on the hands.

Directions for use: Apply appropriate amount of product to hands and rub thoroughly into skin. Leave to fully dry. For external use only.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Not for consumption! Store at temperature below 25°C. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep away from direct fire. The guardian/parent is responsible for teaching the child how to correctly and safely use the product.

*The spirit we use has undergone a denaturing method authorized by the European Union. More about it on our blog.



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