Massage Oil QUIN Abyssinian Oil Limited Edition 200 ml

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ACTION: Deeply nourishes, Firms, Moisturizes, Softens


Precious line of body care products with oil has been increased by a new product – massage oil, which is great for rehabilitation salons, professional Spa  as well as your home.

Massage oil contains ingredients preventing premature skin aging and improving skin’s firmness. Owing to specially selected ingredients, the massage oil leaves your skin soft and well-cared. It facilitates massage enabling full control of treatment. It contains precious Abyssinian oil, EFAs and vitamin E, which soften and nourish skin, leaving it appropriately moisturized. The massage oil has a very seductive scent, enabling a moment of forgetfulness. A comfortable packaging with a pump facilitates obtaining appropriate amount of a product.


  • skin is relaxed and smells nice
  • well cared, firm and young looking skin
  • it provides comfort during massage

Way of use: Spread the massage oil on the skin and massage according to your needs.