Makeup Sponge Pink

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A must-have in every makeup bag in a new version - the Pink makeup sponge. It combines durability with effectiveness in a beautiful and sleek shape, all wrapped in our favorite shade of pink.

The makeup sponge is used for the application of all kinds of cosmetics, from loose products to creams and liquids. Created for everyday makeup tasks, for more demanding creations the Pink sponge will prove to be your best friend. No matter if you need a tool for stamping, contouring, baking or wet application, this product will meet every need!

The shape of the makeup sponge, created by well-known and respected makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, was originally designed to serve a simple task - to create an airbrush effect in a short time. Today, years after the first prototypes, Silcare presents a truly multifunctional tool. The possibilities of the Pink sponge have not been confined to just one technique for a long time.

The sponge, originally dry, swells after contact with a small amount of water by filling open spaces. Thus, it ensures that the cosmetic will stay on the surface of the product without being absorbed inside.


  • universal shape to fit all facial profiles,


  • durability and long life of the product,


  • very easy to use and care for,


  • multi-purpose, useful for any type of makeup application.

Directions for use:

  1. Soak the sponge in water.


  2. Squeeze or dry the sponge from excess liquid.


  3. Apply the product to the sponge and start stamping.


You can clean the sponge in warm water with an addition of gentle shampoo or soap. You can also use a brush cleaner formulation.