Makeup Sponge Pink - White

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Multifunctional makeup sponge is perfect for applying powder, liquid, crea and pressed powder cosmetics. It ideally spreads makeup bases, foundations, face powders, blushers, facial concealers and highlighters. Wet makeup, stamping, contouring, baking are not a problem for it.

When in contact with small amount of water, the open structure of the sponge fills the empty spaces, thus making its volume to increase (it returns to its original size after drying). Thanks to this, it becomes even more delicate for the skin, while the cosmetic remains on the surface and isn’t absorbed by the sponge.

The sponge’s unique shape adjusts to every type of face, thus spreading the cosmetic is performed without much effort. Optimal porosity of the sponge makes the products to melt with the skin as well as provides a satin smooth finish of the makeup.

Round surface – ideal for spreading foundation on the whole face or baking

Pointed and truncated surface – precise, allows application of cosmetic around the eye and nose area, great for covering small imperfections. 

This makeup sponge will help you create a flawless, smudge-free makeup with just a minimal loss of product.


  • skin-friendly material
  • doesn’t deform and always returns to its original shape
  • easy to clean and use
  • reusable

Way of use:

  1. Soak the makeup sponge in water.
  2. Squeeze out excess water or dry the sponge on paper towel.
  3. Apply product on the sponge and start stamping.


You can clean the sponge in warm water with an addition of gentle shampoo or soap. You can also use a brush cleaner formulation.