Lip Butter Naturro 10 ml

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ACTION: Cleanses, Deeply nourishes, Firms, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths, Softens, Soothes

Balance is in your naturro.

Silcare naturro Lip Butter is everything the best from nature for your lips – firmness, which you will easily maintain, as well as impressive softness and smoothness enhanced by a charming gloss.

Silcare naturro Lip Butter is a vegan product based on 99% naturally derived ingredients. It contains coconut, castor, olive, argan oils, as well as Shea butter, which protect the lips from dryness, cracking and chapping. What is more, they provide a pleasant soothing feeling. Natural oils strongly moisturize, nourish and regenerate, making lips fuller, smoother, softer and firmer. The active ingredients strengthen their natural protection against external factors. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, protecting the lips from their harmful effects. The beneficial properties of the substances give the lips a beautiful, healthy and glossy appearance. The refreshing fruity-herbal aroma of the Lip Scrub makes lip care more pleasant and calms the senses. Product for daily use.

Nature has lent us her most precious gifts, allowing us to create for you unique vegan formulas based on natural ingredients. They will gently like a touch of a leaf, but effectively like the power of a rushing stream care for your body and soothe your mind. Unleash your inner harmony and let nature rebuild a valuable relationship with you thanks to naturro line.

Active ingredients:

  • Shea butter: a cosmetic alpha and omega, it has a multidirectional, positive action – it rebuilds the lipid barrier, increases elasticity, nourishes and strongly regenerates the skin;
  • coconut oil: moisturizes and protects the skin against excessive moisture loss and neutralizes the effects of free radicals, and above all soothes and regenerates;
  • castor oil: supports regeneration, smooths, firms and protects;
  • olive oil: oils and moisturizes, improving firmness and elasticity of the skin, moreover, it softens, provides a soothing effect and accelerates regeneration;
  • argan oil: moisturizes, smooths, and notably firms;
  • vitamin E: the “vitamin of youth”, which protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and dryness, thanks to this it visually rejuvenates the lips and increases the blood supply to the skin.


  • contains 99% naturally derived ingredients,
  • vegan composition,
  • durable container suitable for upcycling,
  • thick consistency,
  • quickly absorbed and easy application,
  • refreshing fruity-herbal aroma,
  • fits every handbag.

Directions for use: Apply small amount of lip butter to finger and gently spread on lips.


Become one with nature and try out these natural rituals from naturro line:


Softening-moisturizing ritual

Silcare naturro Lip Scrub + Silcare naturro Lip Butter

You walk barefoot on soft moss and enjoy the gentle strokes of delicate flower petals, in the distance you can hear the sound of a stream. Your inner balance is back. What if you could regain it on your lips, too? Naturally, you can! Lip scrub and lip butter are the solutions straight from Mother Nature.

Step 1. Take a small amount of lip scrub on your fingers and gently massage into the lips with circular motion, then rinse with cool water. Lips with an increased blood flow and surface cleansed of dead cells will benefit extra from the valuable properties of the Lip Butter.

Step 2. Spread small amount of Lip Butter over the lips.

Step 3. Enjoy the effect of soft and smooth lips.

The ritual provides:

  • exfoliation and cleansing,
  • firmness,
  • revitalization and regeneration,
  • intense moisturization and nourishment,
  • intense softness and smoothness.