OUTLET Base One Gel UV Las Vegas 5 g

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Experience the thrill with a new line of gels Base One Las Vegas and shine like the biggest stars in Hollywood. Even if you do not have a gamblers gut, but you still like a challenge, exciting adventures, and at the same time you want to look stunning and eye-catching with unconventional ornaments, the new line of glitter nail gels is the perfect choice for you!

Base One Las Vegas is a line of high-quality color glitter UV gels. In the palette, you will find 20 stunning and beautifully shimmering colors. They carry a very large amount of fine glitter, which is very heavily pigmented. A thin layer of gel covers right at the first time!

Product intended for professional use.


  • medium density
  • heavily pigmented glitter
  • covers with the first layer
  • there is no effect of trapped air
  • good adhesion to the natural nail plate and to the tips
  • high self-leveling properties
  • singlephased

HOW TO USE: spread the gel on the nail plate, cure the UV lamp with power of 36 watts for 2 minCaution! By doing manicure using Base One Las Vegas is recommended to use a three-phase method.