OUTLET Nail Polish Nail Art Aquarelle 19

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Aquarelle Nail Art

Aquarelle is a line of transparent, delicate nail polishes, which mixed create three-dimensional effect on nail design. Smooth transition from one hue to another you will obtain by application of two layers of Aquarelle nail polish on white or bright, metallic colour, creating gentle manicure with a unique character.  A precise and comfortable in use brush, good to apply color to the nail plate.

The precise and comfortable to use brush was made for creating ideal nail designs. It will help you create artistic designs with great care for detail. Delicate and thin brushes enable precise and controlled application.

Mix them and create unique nail designs.

The line of Aquarelle nail polishes is an essence of delicacy, which gives your nails extremely  glossy and wet surface effect. Transparent colours subtly interpenetrate one another creating  rainbow patterns. The intensity and saturation of colour depend on a number of applied coats and the colour of the base. Aquarelle collection consists of remarkable shades of fresh oranges, apricots, grapefruits, plums, raspberries and blueberry, which ensure juicy look at any time.

Gentle, thin consistency colors mix well making three-dimensional effect. Smooth transition from one hue is an essence of subtle manicure, which you can get thanks to Aquarelle nail polishes.

Way of use: you will obtain innovative effect  by application of two layers of Aquarelle nail polish on white or bright, metallic colour.


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