Kids Mystery Box

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Mystery Box – open, play, discover!

The most fun things to do for the young ones (and not only) are exploring the world that surrounds them and surprises, which they encounter during their engaging adventures. With each solved mystery, our little ones gain essential knowledge that helps them to properly develop. Kids Mystery Box will put a smile on your child’s face, providing you with ideas for spending quality time together. What does this mysterious box holds? Let it speak for itself!

Hi, little explorer of the worlds, I’m Mystery Box! Will you try to discover what’s inside me? Maybe I contain a space unicorn, orange candies from a distant planet or shimmering stars from the galaxy of princesses? Open, mix, make a mess and solve the mystery of the creative box, and have fun at it!

Curious? Maybe one of the items will turn out be your shared favorite product? Discover what is inside and enjoy your parent-child moments together!

The set contains:
1. Glitter pump spray Glitter Star (25 g)
2. Kids Washing Foam Sweet Candy (200 ml)
3. Quin Lip Oil So Juicy & Natural Orange (10 ml)
4. Cuticle Gel Oil Pink Nature (15 ml)
5. Quin S.O.S Monster Mess Detangler Spray (200 ml)