Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel - Gold and Silver Collection 6 g

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TYPE: colors
COVERAGE: covering

Color IT Premium. Premium class among hybrid gels.

You were waiting for them, right? Here they are – gold and silver hybrid gels from Color IT Premium line in a limited edition!!!! Nails in a golden and silver version are one of the trends for hot months. Give yourself a bit of luxury by choosing your color from the completely new collection. Or maybe you will go all out – after all it is summer! – and you will decide to get the whole palette? Color IT Premium will bring out your tan and make you feel exclusive.

The increased amount of pigment gives an ideal nail plate covering effect with the chosen color. It is easy and quick to apply. Does not weaken the plate. It is 100% removable with acetone or hybrid gel remover. Color IT Premium hybrid gel perfectly stays on the nails, while its color is intensive, always fresh and does not go matt.


  • optimal color saturation
  • ideal coverage of the nail plate after just first layer
  • stays perfectly on the nails

WAY OF USE: Apply on the base gel – 1 or 2 layers. Recommended curing time 2 minutes in the UV or UV/LED lamps. Secure the stylization with the top coat.

PALETTE Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel - limited edition