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The Garden of Colour Hybrid Gel Thermo 9 g

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Hybrid Thermo Gel from The Garden of Color line is a palette of six thermic gels, which change their original color along with the temperature change. See for yourself your manicure’s metamorphosis when your hands warm up or cool down. The effect does not last long, it’s temporal, and on natural short nails the whole plate changes its color. On longer nails and tips the ombre (gradual color change) effect occurs. Double color, double satisfaction!


  • medium thick
  • self-leveling
  • excellent adhesion
  • barely perceptible odor
  • quick curing
  • cured in UV lamp
  • high quality
  • durable

Way of use: Apply one or two layers of Hybrid Gel on nail plate and cure for approximately 2 minutes in UV lamp.

The dimensions of the cardboard box 9 g

width 30 mm
height 68 mm
depth. 30 mm


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