Hybrid Gel The Garden of Colour *06 15 g

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Hybrid Gel The Garden of Colour line is an innovative combination of UV gel and varnish. The hybrid system was patented chemically and technologically by an American company. Hybrids The Garden of Colour are created involving advanced techniques such as HPLC (specialized technique used in the purification and identification of chemical compounds), spectrophotometry, GC / FID (gas chromatography) and GC / MS (mass spectrometry), in order to ensure the exact composition chemical. Thanks to this was created a unique product, characterized by high quality and safety.

Hybrid Gel in its structure is thin. It has a self-leveling feature and excellent adhesion. Characterized by color stability, curing speed, and minimizing the irritating odour. Possibility of curing in UV and LED lamp. To take of the hybrid gel, nails should be soaked in acetone-based remover.


  • thin
  • self leveling
  • excellent adhesion
  • low level irritating odour
  • fast curing
  • curing in LED and UV light
  • high quality
  • chemically safe

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