Flexy Hybrid Gel Set - Dance (10 x 4.5 g)

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Discover a unique colorful mani with our special set of Flexy Dance hybrid nail polishes! It's an explosion of energy and madness enclosed in 10 practical 4.5g bottles, which will allow you to express your energizing style on your nails. If you are planning to do a colorful hybrid manicure - Flexy Dance will surely appeal to you!

The Dance set from the Flexy Hybrid Gel line is a real explosion of energetic vibrant colors that will make you feel like a star of the dance floor. A colorful mani has never been so easy to achieve, thanks to our long-lasting and intense hybrid nail polishes.

Each bottle of our hybrid set reflects the spontaneous and spirited nature of Iza Kin-Janda - a respected instructor, presenter and trainer of the Zumba Fitness® program. Discover your hot temperament every day and on the dance floor, expressing yourself through a colorful mani that will catch the attention of everyone around you.

Our Flexy hybrid nail polishes are a guarantee of perfect shine, exceptional flexibility and long-lasting durability. Whatever your lifestyle is, our hybrid will last on your nails, highlighting your style and personality.

Creating original and imaginative styles has never been easier! With our Dance hybrid set you can freely choose colors, expressing your emotions and deflecting the gray of everyday life. Zumba madness will embrace your nails, allowing you to enjoy life in every possible meter! The only thing you need for full happiness is a hybrid base coat - it's a good thing that in the Baby Boomer set you can buy it cheaper!

Get carried away by the energy of our Flexy Dance hybrid set and express yourself through a unique colorful mani! Get a perfect shine and flexibility for a long time, and when it's time for a change, our hybrid de-frizzes in acetone in just 3 minutes.



  • flexibility (thanks to the use of specially selected oligomers)
  • intense pigmentation (it's a solid dose of energetic color)
  • excellent adhesion (bonds to the base through hydrogen bonds)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (significant quantum efficiency)
  • trouble-free curing (thanks to the use of effective photoinitiators)

Shake the container several times before use. After applying and curing the primer, spread 1-2 thin layers of the product and cure under UV-LED or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not rinse with cleanser. Requires the use of a suitable topcoat.