Color IT Hybrid Gel 8 g

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TYPE: colors
COVERAGE: covering

Beach, Sun, fun, freedom…

Color It The Summer Collection consist of plenty of summer stylizations, which ideally match the tanned skin, colorful sandals and summer dresses. Trendy, vivid, intensive colours on nails will enable you to express your untamed nature and draw attention of surrounding you people.

Summer is the best time to mix on nails juicy and saturated colours with always trendy red, black and, of course, gold.

This summer experiment with Color it the Summer Collection!!!

Hybrid manicure is one of the latest trends in manicure. Now with an improved formula of the hybrid system Color IT, your nails will be beautiful up to two weeks! Hybrid Color IT is an excellent alternative to traditional nail polish, which usually chips off after a few days, or even hours, not coping with daily chores. New jewel from Silcare will make you feel special. Hybrid Color IT perfectly holds on the nails, and its color is still intense, looks fresh, does not get dull.

The density of a new enhanced formula Color IT hybrid system has been improved by 50%. It is applied easily and quickly. It does not weaken the nail plate and can be easily removed in 100%.


  • density improved by 50%
  • applied easily and quickly
  • does not weaken the nail plate

HOW TO USE: can be cured in UV lamps and high-quality LED lamps (Hybrid Color IT was tested using LED lamps Silcare)