Flexy Hybrid Gel - Collection LOOK 4,5 g

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LED CURING: 30 sec
COVERAGE: covering

Flexy Look - 15 timeless colors that are the perfect addition to any of your outfits. Universal, natural and elegant, both on a daily basis and for a romantic dinner by candlelight. Colors like you! Created especially for you to make you look good, feel good - confident and sexy. Flexy Look is your look!

The hybrid has a perfect gloss, good adhesion, it is elastic, it is drenched in acetone in 3 minutes.


  • flexible (due to the use of specially selected oligomers)
  • intensely pigmented (a solid dose of energetic color)
  • excellent adhesion (connects to the base through hydrogen bonds)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (significant quantum efficiency)
  • easy to harden (thanks to the use of effective photoinitiators)

Directions for use: Shake the packaging several times before use. After application and curing of the primer, spread out 1-2 thin layers of the product and cure under a UV-LED or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not use a cleaver. It requires the use of a suitable surface preparation.

Palette Flexy Look