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How to extend your nails at home?

How to extend your nails at home?

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Nail extensions do not have to come down to getting a very prolonged plate. We can extend our nails even minimally. There are quite a few possibilities, and the effect depends only on your preferences. How to extend your nails at home? There are 3 easy ways to do it - check it out!



How to extend your nails at home? Building hybrid base coat

Nail extensions are associated by many with the need to reach for gel, overbuild the nail, and develop the shape of the whole mass. However, this is not necessary, because there are more methods of extensions. So how to extend your nails at home?

If you do not care about a very long plate and want to lengthen it only minimally (e.g. 2-3 mm), reach for a hybrid overbuilding base, preferably also one that’s self-levelling. For this you will also need a nail extension form. Layer it in the correct way, and then extend your nails with the base as you would with gel.  


How to extend your nails at home? Acrylic gel

The second interesting way of extending your nails at home is to choose polygel. This is a product that combines the advantages and features of both gel and acrylic. It provides the hardness and durability of gel, while being easier to work on than it is - especially if you choose special tip-shaped molds to build the shape of your nails and extend them.

To extend your nails with acrylic, prepare them as you would for a hybrid. Then squeeze the right amount of product from the tube onto the mold and apply the mold to the nail. Cure in a lamp, then peel off the mold gently. Work out the length and shape of the free edge and you're done!

You can paint the nails extended with acrylic gel with hybrid or regular polish. If, on the other hand, you choose an acrylo-gel in a certain color (usually they are available in natural shades of pink) and you like such a subtle effect - you don't need to do anything else.


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How to extend your nails at home? Gel on a form

The traditional way on how to extend your nails at home is gel on a form. This is the method most often used by stylists. At home, however, few ladies opt for this method, because it is time-consuming and requires adequate knowledge of proper nail structure (C-curve, apex, etc.). For extensions on gel, just like on hybrid base, you need a form.

Working with gel is not the easiest task, as it is very thick. In addition, after extensions, the shape of the nails must be worked out, and only then can they be painted.

Gel extensions are a very aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting method that offers many possibilities for beautiful designs, but before you decide to use it, it's worth knowing that it requires a lot of time and precision.