High Light LED Gel Pink 4 g

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The innovative polymer system HIGH LIGHT GEL is a technology of highest quality.

Thanks to the unique formula, drying time is reduced to 30 seconds in LED and UV/LED lamps. It is a one-phase, medium thick gel. It’s not only suitable for use on nail tip and for building nail on a form, but it can be applied on a natural nail plate too.


  • one-phase 
  • medium thick

The new HIGH LIGHT LED method brings valuable benefits like:

  • Reduced gel’s curing time from 3-4 minutes to 30 seconds in 36 W LED and UV/LED lamp.
  • Less than 30 minutes spent in a beauty salon. Reduced service time allows to perform more nail treatments.
  • LED radiation is safe for skin and environment. Contrary to UV (B) waves generated by standard UV lamps, the UV(A) waves generated by LED lamps don’t adversely affect the skin.
  • LEDs save energy, because they ensure low power consumption, much lower than UV bulbs.
  • There’s no need to change the bulbs like in the case of UV lamps. LEDs can work over 50000 hours, which gives even 20 years of lamp life.

HIGH LIGHT LED GEL is an investment in innovative solutions which provide amazing cost savings.

IMPORTANT: package shouldn’t be placed in the range of UV or LED lamp’s light.

WAY OF USE: curing time in 36 W UV/LED and LED lamp: – base layer – 30 sec. – building layer – 30 sec. – finishing layer – 30 sec. The last layer requires wiping with a cleaner in order to obtain a super gloss.