Hand SPA Mini Set

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Hand SPA Mini Set

Hand SPA Mini Set

Flexy Hybrid Gels - Icy Lights Set (4 x 4.5 g)

Flexy Hybrid Gels - Icy Lights Set (4 x 4.5 g)


ACTION: Changes skin tone, Cleanses, Deeply nourishes, Firms, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths, Softens, Soothes

Hand SPA Mini Set – discover the power of femininity.

Hand SPA Mini Set intended for hand care will pamper your senses and help your skin regain its healthy and beautiful appearance thanks to just three high-quality products from So Rose! So Gold! line – hand scrub paste, cuticle butter, hand and nail oil serum – all characterized by a pleasant fragrance composition (tangerine, peach, patchouli, rose and vanilla).

Have a sensual renewal at home with Hand SPA Mini Set and let your hands enjoy a feeling of being wrapped in velvet anywhere you go!

Set includes:

So Rose! So Gold! Hand Scrub Silk Paste 10 ml – skin exfoliating product with a silky consistency that thanks to the content of such ingredients as fine sugar crystals, Shea butter and green olive oil, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and provides proper blood circulation. The paste softens, improves elasticity, nourishes and restores the youthful glow and beautiful tone of the skin. Moreover, the product contains skin-smoothing hydrolyzed silk and panthenol that soothes redness and irritation, plus an antioxidant in the form of vitamin E.


  • gently but intensely exfoliates the dead skin cells
  • smooths, cleanses, nourishes the skin
  • provides proper moisture level of the skin
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves tone, condition and elasticity of the skin
  • leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent

Directions for use: Apply scrub to slightly damp hands, then gently massage the scrub into the skin in a circular motion using your fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

So Rose! So Gold! Cuticle Butter 10 ml – skin softening product with a velvety consistency intended for dry, cracked skin around the nails and knuckles. The product contains Shea butter, castor and grapeseed oils that protect, soften, moisturize and oil the skin, leaving it pleasantly soft to the touch. Urea and sodium lactate present in the product’s formula exhibit strong moisturizing and softening action, while vitamin E helps to slow down the skin aging process and transepidermal water loss.


  • nourishes and strongly softens the skin
  • moisturizes and protects the skin against excessive water loss
  • helps to maintain the proper moisture level of the skin
  • creates a protective and smoothing film on the skin
  • absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky layer
  • leaves a pleasant scent on the skin

Directions for use: Apply small amount of the cuticle butter to the nailfolds and gently massage until completely absorbed. Warning: Keep away from direct sunlight.

So Rose! So Gold! Hand & Nail Oil Serum 15 ml – hand serum rich in grapeseed, argan, green olive and soybean oils that soften and moisturize the skin. The product is intended for dry, flabby skin that is also exposed to adverse external factors. It perfectly complements the hand care ritual after a hand scrub treatment. The packaging is equipped with a comfortable pipette that allows a precise application of the serum.


  • moisturizes and protects the skin against excessive water loss
  • protects the skin against external factors
  • nourishes and gently oils the skin, leaving it velvety smooth
  • reduces the feeling of skin tightness
  • absorbs quickly, does not leave an oily layer
  • leaves a pleasant scent on the skin

Directions for use: Apply few drops of the serum to the hands using a pipette and massage until absorbed.