Hand Scrub Silk Paste So Rose! So Gold! 150 ml

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Silcare Hand Scrub Rose Gold 150 ml

Hand Scrub Silk Paste So Rose! So Gold! 150 ml

Silcare Hand Cream So Rose! So Gold! Velvet Silk 30 ml

Hand Cream So Rose! So Gold! Velvet Silk 30 ml


ACTION: Changes skin tone, Cleanses, Deeply nourishes, Firms, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths, Softens, Soothes

Hand Scrub Silk Paste (150 ml) in the form of silk hand exfoliating paste thanks to the content of such ingredients as fine sugar crystals, Shea butter, and green olive oil, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and provides proper blood circulation. It restores the youthful glow and beautiful tone of the skin on hands, making it soft, flexible and well-nourished. Moreover, the product contains hydrolyzed silk that smooths the skin, panthenol that soothes irritations and redness, and vitamin E that has antioxidative properties. Now you will be able to perform a pleasant hand scrub treatment with a noticeable and instant effect. In addition, the floral-fruity fragrance composition will complement your hand care ritual.

Action of the product:

  • gently but intensely exfoliates the dead skin cells
  • smooths, cleanses, nourishes the skin
  • provides proper moisture level of the skin
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves tone, condition and elasticity of the skin
  • leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent

Directions for use: Apply scrub to slightly damp hands, then gently massage the scrub into the skin in a circular motion using your fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.