Hair Removal Wax Roll - Aloe 100 ml

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Wax designed for body hair removal.

Produced on the basis of beeswax that has moisturizing and hypoallergenic properties. Recommended for all skin types, particularly skin with a short hair. Effective also for each type and length of hair structure. Very efficient - have a thin layer of wax removes unwanted hair, leaving skin smooth with no traces of wax.


For earlier properly prepared skin, use a thin layer of hot wax from the roll according to hair growth (with the grain). Apply the patch, press it well to the skin and then with a vigorous motion tear against the hair. Repeat the process at the next to it place, not applying the wax twice on the same surface of the skin. Remains of the wax wipe with olive and then apply a soothing lotion.

Caution: The product may cause irritation of eyes, skin and respiratory system. In case of irritation - wash thoroughly with water and contact your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children. Product for professional usage only.