OUTLET Base One Gel UV Magnetic Chameleon 5 g

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Stunning interfusion of the Cat Eye Effect and the shine of nail color changing depending on the light angle.

Coloration and sparkles are changing with the light.

Base One Magnetic Chameleon is an innovative combination of the Cat Eye Effect with the  colorfulness  of the Chameleon gels. If you like new trends, incredibly changing colors of the new Base One Magnetic Chameleon gel will be right for you.

With the every ray of light different color occurs! Try now the Base One Magnetic Chameleon gel line. Extraordinary, unique nail stylizations, which iridescence thanks to the two kinds of pigments. The Cat Eye Effect with the simultaneous sparkling of the Chameleon hues. Such a range of colors you haven’t seen yet! Astonishing view of the colors multiplicity at the same time!

Base One Magnetic Chameleon gel line has all advantages of the UV gel. Intriguing color effects are the novelty. A thin consistency faciliates the application.


  • two innovative pigments in one product
  • self-leveling
  • ultra shine
  • modern look

WAY OF USE: on a prepared nail or tips apply dark colour gel layer (best black) and cure under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes. Apply a thin layer of Base One Magnetic Chameleon gel and put the magnet near the nail at a distance of 2-3 mm for approximately 5-10 seconds. Cure the pattern under UV lamp for 2 minutes. Apply the glossy top coat.