Gel Nail Brush pink #04 mm

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Every nail extension technique requires professional brushes. They are necessary tools of every nail stylist.

Silcare gel nail brushes will meet your expectations: they lie comfortably in the hand and provide highest work comfort. They spread gel evenly over the whole nail plate’s surface, they don’t leave streaks or air bubbles.

Brush can be assembled, whilst the cap protects the bristle against dust accumulation as well as allows hygienic transportation.

Size 6 guarantees even distribution of gel, perfect creation of smile line as well as comfortable work with gels that have thin consistency.

If you need a brush for more precise tasks or you’re starting your work with gels which have thick consistency, size 4 will do the job. It’s ideal for work near cuticles and creating certain designs. It’ll meet expectations of the most demanding artists and enable realization of every dreamy nail stylization. 

Size 2 will be the best for intermediate techniques. It’ll make work easier and help to create unique patterns on nails as well as improve your abilities, so you’ll be able to reach perfection.

Brushes look stylish and professional – they’ll make every nail stylist proud. They’ll always make your manicure look perfect!


  • Nylon bristle
  • Foldable handle
  • Length: 16cm