Silcare Magazine No 35 + GRATIS

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I love spring! When everything comes to life, I feel a new power forming inside me. I discover supplies of energy in myself that were deeply hidden during the entire winter. New ideas come up, a willingness to act and change. Everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions, I embrace the spring ones.

You’ll find a lot of information on wedding ceremony and wedding party in the newest Silcare Magazine. After all, spring is the time when most couples decide to go down the aisle, say the sacramental "I do" and walk through life together. In this issue, we’ll unfold the secrets of wedding makeup, inspire with wedding nail stylizations, advice you on how to take care of your skin and which dress should you choose for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

There will also be feuilletons and stories of people who decided to change their professional lives. We encourage you to read an interview with Marzena Lampasiak and Katarzyna Wołyniak, and a motivating story of Natalia Chromińska. Changes are good, don’t be afraid of them. You can start from, let’s


Format: A4

Paper: gloss chalk 250 g (painted cover), 150 g (interior)

Number of pages: 68

Circulation: 5000


 p. 4

Interview of The Issue: Authentically Good Team – Marzena Lampasiak and Katarzyna Wołyniak


 p. 10

Last-minute Wedding

 p. 12

Wedding Make-up

 p. 14

Marriage and Wedding – an Occasion for a Perfect Oufit


 p. 18

The Foundation for Authentic Women – We Support / We Motivate / We Help

 p. 19

Fresh Faces World

 p. 20

New Silcare Trainers

 p. 23

Professional Training Courses For Nail Techs


 p. 24

Step by step: Bridal Laces

 p. 27

Step by step: A Hint of Extravagance

 p. 28

Step by step: Subtle and Feminine

 p. 28

Contest Results: Living Coral

 p. 30

Contest: Create Stylization with Living Coral 

 p. 31

Psychophysiology of Vision – Living Coral Combined with Royal Blue, Mint or Écru

 p. 34

Step by step: Class in Nude Edition


 p. 36

Cooking Art: Lightly and Springlike

 p. 40

Insulin Resistance – 21th Century Problem

 p. 44

Woman Aware of Color – Part 1

 p. 46

Pros and Cons of Posting Information and Photos of Yourself on Facebook Profile


 p. 48

Five Steps to an Ideal Photo

 p. 52

I Vow to Be Faithful and… Fit

 p. 54

Be Fit: Usual Exercises, Unusual Changes

 p. 58

Coffee with a Seed of Motivation: Oscar for Co-directing

 p. 60

How to Change Your Life Competely at the Half Way? 

 p. 62

Inspire Yourself

 p. 64


 p. 66

Nail Stylists’ Feedback: 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel

 p. 67

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