Silcare Magazine No. 24

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Vacations are just around the corner… Most of you have probably already booked their ideal holiday offer, and we wish perseverance to the undecided ones while browsing through the travel agencies’ offers. We believe that you will choose places, where you will regain your strength and put things into perspective. It is your time J

This summer edition is also a summary of the industry trade fairs in Bologna and Poznań, in which we had the pleasure to participate. We invite you to see the photorelation. There are new challenges ahead of us – in autumn we will sail to the Chinese “fragrance harbor”.  Be with us.

There will also be “Step by Step” tutorials, contests and “ciach ciach” (“clip clip”) discount coupons. Draw inspiration from your surroundings – colorful butterflies, fruity ice creams, safari – there is so many fantastic topics, that will surely enrich your nail designs. Enjoy the sun and get a little bit crazy.

We invite you to reading.



Format: A4
Paper:  chalk overlay gloss paper 250 g (spot varnished cover), 150 g (interior)

Number of pages: 68

Circulation: 2,500



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From Editor

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Topic of the issue: Music of Fragrance


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Silcare Advice: Is it Worth to Oil Nails?

p. 18

Hair to Hair – What Are the Benefits of Eyelash and Eyebrow Thickening?

p. 20

Silcare Advice: D like Depilation

p. 26

Ten Ways to Prevent Hair Loss


p. 30

Silcare Company and Brand: BeautyVISION – Silcare on the Fair Trade in Poznan

p. 31

Step by Step: Simple tricks – How to Decorate Your Manicure?

p. 32

Silcare Company and Brand: Cosmoprof – Participation in the Industry Trade Fair – Challenge Accepted!

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Contest:: Hazelnut

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Silcare Education

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Krok po kroku: Letnie klimaty


p. 40

Colorize with Silcare: Buttermilk

p. 41

Contest: Buttermilk

p. 42

Fasion Trends: Sailor Style

p. 45

Step by Step: Zebra Nails


p. 46

Coking Art: Pastas in the Lead

p. 48

Health: How to Lose Weight?

p. 50

Be Fit: Fit non-Calorie Sweets

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Caution, Lyme Borreliosis! Symptoms, Treatment, Complications


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Silcare Reccomends

p. 60

Comic: Marianek the Troll – “Lemon Lashes”

p. 61

Do It Yourself: Bracelets

p. 62

Nail Stylist’s Feedback: Dry Top

p. 63

Ciach-ciach (Clip-Clip): Discount Coupons

p. 64

Nail Shapes

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