Reusable Polygel Acryl Forms DUAL 2 DSF 100 pcs.

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Reusable Dual Forms for nail extensions are an innovative solution that allows to create a polygel nail art almost as impressive as from a beauty salon! The precise length scales on the forms make it possible to give the extended nails the same length, while the variety of sizes makes it easy to fit the forms to every plate. With Dual Forms, you will be able to quickly and easily obtain a C-curve, plus you can be sure that each nail will have the same dream shape. The product is made of flexible and durable ABS polymer, which makes it very easy to remove from the polygel mass, without damaging it. The package contains 100 pieces of forms of different sizes.

Dual Form is a method that can be used even by beginner nail techs and busy at-home users!


  • transparent
  • reusable
  • 100 pcs in pack (size from 0 to 11)
  • extremely easy to use
  • they allow to obtain an effect of natural and long nails
  • flexible and durable
  • with precise length scales
  • thanks to them you do not have to sculpt the nail directly on the plate.

Directions for use:

  1. Choose appropriate Dual Form size that will fit the plate. Squeeze appropriate amount of Easy Shape Polygel from the tube with a spatula onto the Dual Form and spread the mass evenly with a brush moistened with cleaner.
  2. Place Dual Form with polygel onto previously prepared nail plate and gently press (remove excess with a spatula or wet brush).
  3. Cure under UV-LED lamp with minimum power of 48 W for 90 seconds.

Gently remove Dual Form, then, if necessary, shape the nail and secure it with a top coat.