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Foot Cream NAPPA with 5% Urea 250 ml

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Beautiful and well-cared-for feet mean not only comfort but also self-confidence, which allows you to feel at ease regardless of the situation.

The main idea of the NAPPA line is a comprehensive care of the skin of your feet. A wide range of products provides both a wide selection of cosmetics for everyday care and effective solutions for those who need something for special tasks. No matter your lifestyle, age and skin type, our mission always is the same: foot care at every step.

NAPPA Foot Cream with 5% Urea is a cosmetic product with a velvety texture, based on a mixture of peach kernel oil and lanolin that not only have oiling, nourishing and smoothing properties but also protect the skin and support its regeneration. The addition of glycerin helps to bind water in the epidermis, affecting the maintenance of optimum level of elasticity and hydration, plus it protects against excessive skin dryness. The foot cream contains 5% urea that softens and oils the horny layer of the skin, protecting it against external factors. Furthermore, it exhibits antibacterial and soothing effects.

The product is characterized by a pleasant, fresh fragrance with a lemon note.

Active ingredients:

  • ureaa perfect humectant, namely a substance which significantly absorbs and retains moisture. It’s responsible for the skin’s proper level of hydration. Moreover, it makes the skin soft and helps to remove all kinds of calluses as well as boosts the regeneration process of the epidermis;
  • lanolina wax extracted from sheep wool that has great lubricating and softening properties. It binds water in the epidermis, preventing it from getting excessively dry and covers it with a protective film, which protects and smooths the skin. Lanolin facilitates wound healing and is capable of soothing inflammations;
  • peach kernel oila light oil that perfectly tones and moisturizes. It helps to slow down the aging processes by improving the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The oil also contains beneficial unsaturated fatty acids that nourish the epidermis and restore its healthy color and smoothness.

Directions for use: massage into clean, dry feet until absorbed.

NAPPA Foot Cream with 5% Urea is the third step in our moisturizing-relaxing treatment. Try other products from this series in order to obtain the maximum level of relaxation, toning, freshness and relief.

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TREATMENT TYPE: moisturizing and relaxing