Facial Cleansing Gel QUIN Face - Moisturizing 200 ml

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Quin Face Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Gel washes and cleanses face, smoothes, moisturizes and conditions the skin. Contained in the product sodium hyaluronate prevents transepidermal water loss. It’s an active ingredient that has moisturizing, anti-ageing and protective properties. The gel has cleansing, smoothing and lubricating effect (thanks to lanolin). Moreover, it regulates the sebaceous glands’ function and is antibacterial (due to sorbitol) as well as neutralizes the damaging action of free-radicals (thanks to pro-vitamin B5, which acts as an antioxidant).


  • For dry skin
  • Delicate green tea fragrance
  • Skin-friendly pH (5.5)
  • Doesn’t contain SLES and SLS, allergens, parabens

Usage: the gel is intended for dry skin

Way of use: place an appropriate amount of gel in the palm of your hand, next apply it on damp skin of face. Wash face in circular motions avoiding the eye area, at the end rinse with water. For everyday use.