Eyelashes RSN03

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Long eyelashes make your eyes take a deep look and appear larger, fuller and eye-catching. Unfortunately, not all women have been endowed by nature with long, thick eyelashes. High quality false eyelashes made of mink is the perfect solution for you!

Fewer and shorter in the corner of the eye, much denser and longer on the outside provide a unique and above all, natural appearance to the rimm of the eyes.


  • Eyelashes shorter and less frequent in the corner of the eye, longer and thicker on the outside
  • Black
  • Artificial eyelash strips
  • Practical packaging
  • One pair of strips in a set (2 bars)
  • Can be used repeatedly

HOW TO USE: the first step is to measure the strip of eyelashes, because not every eye is the same. If the belt is too long it should be trimed a little. Otherwise - eyelashes might peel off. The next step is to lubricate the edge in an adhesive. It can not be neither too much nor too little of the glue. Stick the eyelash on just above the lash line, pushing the inner and outer corner for about 20 seconds. To hide the place we pasted the eyelashes - draw a black line along the eyelid with an eyeliner

COLOR: black

SET COMPOSITION: Included is one pair of lashes (2 bars)