Dry Nail Oil 15 ml

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Healthy, beautiful and well cared-for nails are every women’s pride. That is why our Dry Oil for Nails contains everything what is best for nails and cuticles.

Quin Dry Oil for Nails contains a very valuable oils: grape seed oil, peach kernel oil, soybean oil and specially selected emollients which provide a silky feeling after each use and very fast and efficient absorption. Thanks to that our product does not leave a fatty layer on skin and nail plate.

Dry Oil for Nails restores shine to nails and makes them properly hydrated. It also softens the dry nail plate and protects it against harmful environmental factors. Furthermore, it accelerates nail growth, prevents nails from breaking, nourishes and regenerates.

The scent of the product associates with a beach, hot sand, delicious fruits and paradise flowers!


  • fast absorption
  • restores shine to nails
  • hydrates, nourishes, regenerates
  • prevents from breaking
  • handy little bottle with a dropper makes application very easy
  • sweet, fruity scent of paradise flowers

Way of use: Massage into clean, dry skin of nail walls and in nail plates.



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