Winter set Argan Touch

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Remarkable Christmas sets – Argan Touch and Elegant Late – are an ideal idea for a gift for both your closest ones and yourself. Perfect care closed in a special package with beautiful, fairy-tale-like labels designed by the internal trainer and enthusiast of Visual Thinking Anna Zielińska-Stecyna – RysowAnka.
Charm your loved ones this Christmas!

Argan Touch Christmas set is a set full of hand, foot and hair care cosmetics. The set consists of:

  • Silcare Argan Touch Hand Cream – regenerating and nourishing hand cream with argan oil. The rich formula will strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin and prevent it from becoming cracked and chapped. Ideal for mature, very dry and sensitive skin. It moisturizes and oils as well as protects hands against the harmful effects of external factors;
  • Silcare Argan Touch Foot Cream – moisturizing and strengthening foot cream with argan oil. It exhibits regenerating and epidermis-rebuilding properties, softens and oils, provides excellent comfort to feet;
  • Silcare Argan Touch Hair Oil – argan oil for hair that has smoothing property, makes it silky and soft; facilitates detangling, protects the hair cuticle against solar radiation as well as prevents fly-away and static hair.


Silcare Argan Touch Hand Cream:

  • contains argan oil
  • nourishes and regenerates
  • prevents skin from chapping and cracking
  • moisturizes and oils
  • protects against harmful effects of external factors

Way of use: Massage into clean, dry skin of hands and leave it to be absorbed.

Silcare Argan Touch Foot Cream:

  • moisturizes and oils
  • softens and oils
  • provides comfort to feet by regenerating them

Way of use: Apply thin layer of cream on thoroughly cleansed and dry skin of feet.

Silcare Argan Touch Hair Oil:

  • has smoothing property
  • facilitates detangling
  • protects hair cuticle against solar radiation
  • makes hair silky and soft

Way of use: Pour few drops into your hand and spread it gently over the mid-lengths and ends, use on clean and completely dry hair, especially on ends. Do not use too much oil. Do not rinse. Can be used after every shampooing.