Christmas Nail Foils (Instant)

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
  • €1.59
  • pcs.

It is a quick way to get nice nails in a nick of time. No smudges, no drying! With these nail wraps you will miraculously create a unique and durable manicure, that will put you in a good, Christmassy mood. They are resistant to abrasion, don’t require any additional procedures, hot air treatment for instance. Due to its durability you can flutter around the house and do your housework without worrying, that the nail will chip or the design will get ruined. They perfectly fit nail shape.


  1. Prepare nails, remove cuticles.
  2. Cleanse, degrease and polish them slightly.
  3. Pick the nail-size foil, fit it on and cut off excess on the sides.
  4. Separate foil from backing paper.
  5. Hold foil with thumb and index finger, place it on nail, rounded edge against cuticles.
  6. Use scissors to cut off excess foil.
  7. When foil placed, smooth the nail with a cuticle pusher or wooden stick. While smoothing you may straighten stickers gently in order to avoid uneven surface.
  8. File off excess foil from nail edge in a gentle, downward motion.