Brush 2 in 1 with crystals - for gel and decorating blue

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Double-sided nail brush with crystals

The practical, double-sided brush for decorating and applying gel is a tool that will make creating precise nail designs quicker. High quality nylon bristle assure high comfort of work.

Brush for decorating

Ideal for creating nail designs with acrylic and water paints, acrylic and gel. It will meet expectations of the most demanding stylists, enabling for fulfilling boundless imagination when decorating nails.


  • natural bristle
  • bristle length – 7 mm
  • copper fitting
  • an acrylic-metal handle

Gel brush

The Brush #6 guarantees even application of gel. It is great for one-phase, thin gel.


  • nylon bristle
  • bristle length: #6 – 8 mm  
  • bristle width: #6 – 6 mm   
  • copper fitting
  • an acrylic-metal handle

The brush looks elegant. Pink, white, turquoise, silver with the acrylic-metal handle constitutes a tasteful decoration in the kit. Sparkling crystals add shine, while an embellished cap protects against damage.