Make Up Lotion BB Body Shine - Dark 200 ml

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ACTION: Changes skin tone, Moisturizes, Smooths

The Body Shine Fluid BB gives our skin a subtle effect of a natural tan with a subtle seductive glow. Pigments in the body balm reflect light and sparkle beautifully on the body, which illuminate its appearance. The fluid helps to get the Sun-kissed skin effect or gently underlines our tan.

The beautifying impact of the body balm interacts with its nursing effect. Not only has skin a beautiful colour, body is moisturized and smoothes, but also, it has radiant appearance, while the skin becomes nice and silky in touch.

New body lotions of Silcare® brand splendidly improve the appearance of our skin. Perfect for the use on a daily basis as well as in the evening.

The Body Shine Fluid BB has a light consistency, which provides an easy and simple application that does not burden skin and does not cause skin feel sticky. In addition, it leaves a pleasant and sensual fragrance.
Due to the transparent bottle, it is easier to match the correct type of lotion – a fluid with a complexion. A packaging includes a pump that greatly facilitates application of the right amount of lotion.

The product is available in three versions: for light, medium and dark complexion.

HOW TO USE: Massage into clean and dry skin of the whole body. Wait until the lotion is fully absorbed. Due to the nature of the product, it is advised to wear bright clothes after complete absorption of the product. The product comes off completely after the first bath.