BFKIT foot care set with lamp

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Discover how easy and quick a pedicure can be with BFKit! This handy kit has everything that you need to take care of your feet and to prepare them. These eight simple steps, collected in a convenient transparent cosmetic bag, will allow you to create a perfect stylization from A to Z.

Set includes:

  1. Disposable razor – will help you achieve an effect of smooth skin ready for your most shortest dress.
  2. Tea tree wooden stick – will help you push back the cuticles and prepare the toenail plate for your stylization.
  3. 180/240 grit nail file – will help you achieve a desired toenail shape.
  4. EasyStep Limited Edition Creamy Foot Scrub – will cleanse and smooth out your feet.
  5. Cleaner Base One 100 ml – will degrease and prepare the toenail plate for color application.
  6. EasyStep 3in1 Hybrid Gel in the shades of Pink Coral, Lilac Shell and Lazure Dream – unique 3-in-1 UV gel polish that combines highly pigmented color with properties of base-coat and top-coat.
  7. 24W UV/LED lamp – small and handy lamp that will help you perfectly cure your stylization.
  8. EasyStep Limited Edition 5% Urea Foot Cream – nourishing foot cream with urea that will moisturize and smooth out your feet – an ideal crowning of your pedicure ritual.
  9. Gel High Light Led Color Lemon Sugar & Cobalt.
  10. Cream for hands, knees & elbows.