OUTLET Base One Gel UV Paint Gel 5 g

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A collection of unique gels for decorating nails, Base One Paint Gel Line consists of 20 saturated colours with a deep, intensive pigment. These products have strongly covering properties and thick consistency, which make them great for many techniques of decorating nails. They enable performing precise designs, unique patterns, leaving your nails always look beautiful.

Base One Paint Gel Line characterize with high resistance to mechanical damage. These gels do not spill and do not shrink. Due to intensive pigmentation, they guarantee ideal covering. Paint gel leaves sticky dispersion layer. Gels are ideal for nail stylization made with transfer foil, which is applied on an already cured design.


  • great pigmentation
  • ideally covering
  • has sticky dispersion layer
  • thick consistency

Way of use: on an earlier prepared nail plate, apply a small amount of the gel, and using a thin nail art brush make a design. Cure for 2 minutes in an UV lamp 36 Watt. In case of very complex designs, it is recommended to cure fragments of nail design. With this gel you can create elaborated, convex shapes, for this purpose apply a few thin layers of the gel, and cure each layer separately. The gel requires wiping with the cleaner.