OUTLET Base One Gel UV Matt 5 g

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Get sensational chalky effect

Matte makeup, satin colors of clothing? It's not enough. The spring/summer is the most fashionable matt on nails! Responding to the trends of nail created an innovative line of color gels. Base One Matt were created in the new database based on the new formula. After curing they become harder with extraordinary effect Cretaceous.
In the line of Base One can find 20 Matt currently the most interesting matte colors. Be modern, be brave, be perfect with a new line of gels Base One Matt!


  • single phase
  • rare
  • good adhesion to Tips
  • tremendous effect matt / chalky
  • can be combined with other gels

HOW TO USE: We apply the gel mat on the tips filed with and prepared as a topcoat. We apply two thin layers. Cured in a UV lamp power of 360 watts for 2 min. If necessary, the plate may be covered with the third layerNumber of layers does not adversely affect of final visual effect nails.

How to get a matte effect on the nail?
After application of the gel and cure it in the UV lamp, the plate should be wiped Cleaner to remove the dispersion layer and obtain a unique matt effect. NOTE! In order to obtain a matt, curing UV lamp with a power up to 36W for 2 min.


  • Due to its properties we apply the gel mat on filed with and prepared tips, gel or acrylic. On the natural nail can lead to the effect of "stripping" and cracking
  • Frequent use of creams and body lotions can cause slight sheen finish gel. To refresh the Cretaceous effect, we can use the formulation Matt Top Coat
  • Doing manicure using Base One Matt is recommended a three-phase method. The new line can be combined with other gels. They can be an alternative to color gels, ideal for people who impose gel color on the built earlier tips