OUTLET Base One Gel UV Chameleon 5 g

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Express yourself with new gels Base One Chameleon, discover all its versions.

Each of us is variable, but nothing changes a woman more than strongly shinning manicure. If you love diversity and originality, then expressive colours of a new gel Base One Chameleon will make your dreams come true.

Do you like durability of gel manicure, but you quickly get bored with one colour? Change it! Open yourself to dynamic glowing gels Base One Chameleon. In every moment you can enchant with sparkling intense colour. Unconventional and overpowering nail creations full of colour and gloss can be obtained with only one brush  stroke. One gel – millions of colours. Enchant, glow, surprise. Discover all colours hidden in gels Base One Chameleon!

The new collection from the line Base One has all advantages of UV gel, additionally it delights with colour changing depending on the light angle. A thin consistency facilitates application of the gel, while an ideal gloss appears without need to wipe.


  • High gloss gel
  • Change colour depending on the angle of light
  • Does not require wiping with cleaner or applying gloss gel
  • Thin
  • Self-leveling

Way of use: on a prepared nail or tips apply dark colour gel layer (best black) and cure under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes. Apply a thin layer of Base One Chameleon gel and cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes. For a better effect, you can apply the second layer of Chameleon gel. It doesn’t require wiping with cleaner or applying glossy top coat.