Quin peeling set + BB Medium balm

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Do you dream about the effect of sun-kissed skin? Do you want to emphasize your natural tan and give it a tempting golden glow?

Get ready for vacation!

Smooth and tanned skin in two steps? It is possible with a set of cosmetics from Silcare. Natural Salt Body Scrub Quin 300 ml and Balsam Fluid BB Body Shine 200 ml have been compiled for you in a unique promotion.

Natural Salt Quin Body Scrub:

cleans and refreshes the skin, preparing it for further care; Salt crystals gently massage, exfoliate callous epidermis, strongly stimulate blood circulation, a specially developed Silcare peeling formula is a combination of natural abrasives and oils.

Fluid BB Body Shine balm:

has a light texture that ensures easy and simple application, does not burden the skin, does not leave a feeling of stickiness, gives our skin a subtle effect of a natural tan with a delicate, tempting glow.