Cosmetic pedicure set - Take care of your feet

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Cosmetic set - Take care of your feet

Beautiful summer weather has finally come to us, and with it the season for sunbathing, trips to the lake and going to the swimming pool has started. With our set you will comprehensively take care of your feet, thanks to which they will look beautiful even in the most open shoes, and you will feel confident in any situation. Inside, you will find all the products needed to create a hybrid manicure, as well as basic accessories that will perfectly prepare your nails for styling. Our iconic sugar scrub from the Nappa line will make your skin smooth and soft so that you can enjoy it every day!

The Set includes:

  • Nailo Cleaner Formula Pro-Vita 90 ml,
  • Base One Primer Tea Tree Oil 15 ml,
  • Color It! Premium Hard Builder Hybrid Base Color - LIGHT PINK 6 g,
  • Color It! Premium *610 6 g,
  • Color It! Premium *1590 6 g,
  • Color It! Premium *2490 6 g,
  • GoC Dry Top 9 g,
  • NAPPA Natural Sugar Foot Scrub 400 g,
  • NAPPA Foot Cream with 30% Urea 250 ml,
  • Pedicure Separator Color,
  • Nail file BANANA White 100/180,
  • Cotton wipes,
  • Abrasive buffer.