OUTLET Lizard Effect Dust 3 g *03

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Stylization shimmering with million colors due to Lizard Effect Powders limited edition line!

Lizard Effect enables to obtain the effect of colorful lizard’s skin on nails. Create an amazing stylization by applying the powder on the different colors of gel polish and gain new visual impression every time you look at it. You can decorate the whole nail and get the amazing and sparkling stylization or you can create the amazing patterns on the nail plate. Lizard Effect Powder glittering with magical colors will add more glow to the everyday stylizations and those created for a big nights out.

How to use: Apply two layers of a hybrid on a previously prepared nail and cure each of them. Apply Lizard Effect Powder on the nail and rub into the color. It is important not to remove (degrease) the tacky layer. Use a dust brush to remove excess powder. Cover the whole nail with The Garden of Colour Dry Top.

NOTE: Best results will be obtained by applying powder on the dark background color.