Eyelashes short

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Beautiful curtains of eyelashes is something we would like to have every day. Now, this possibility we can guarantee you, almost at your doorstep. High quality false eyelashes made of mink are a couple of eyelashes on the bar, so that you will ensure yourself a unique look. Long, beautiful eyelashes make your eyes visually bigger and wonderfully light up the look. Eyelashes can be used repeatedly, if necessary, clean them with alcohol.


  • Black
  • Artificial eyelash strips
  • Practical packaging
  • One pair of strips in a set (2 bars)
  • Can be used repeatedly

HOW TO USE: when we have finished the makeup of the eyelashes, we attach the false eyelashes without glue to the natural line of our eyelashes and make sure that both the inner and outer corners of the lash ends where our natural lash. Drag lash strip in to the eyelashes glue so that the entire strip is covered . At the outer and the inner end of the strip of lashes we can put a little more glue - these are the places that are most difficult to stick to. After applying the glue we wait about a minute and stick the eyelashes to the upper eyelid, trying to put them as close to the lash line. The adhesive does not catch on immediately, so we still have a while to move the eyelash to the right place

COLOR: black

SET COMPOSITION: Included is one pair of lashes (2 bars)