OUTLET Gel Color IT *90

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Hybrid manicure is a popular trend in nail stylization. Now, thanks to the improved formula of the hybrid Color IT system, your nails will be beautiful for two weeks! Hybrid Color IT is an excellent alternative to the traditional varnish, which usually spatter after a few days or even hours, not coping with everyday duties. The new Silcare gem will make you feel special. Hybrid New Color IT is perfectly maintained on nails, and its color is still intense, looks fresh, does not dull.

The density of the new, improved formula of the Color IT hybrid system has been improved by 50%. It is applied easily and quickly. It does not weaken the plaque and easily, 100%, it comes off the nail.


  • density improved by 50%
  • it is applied easily and quickly
  • does not weaken the nail plate

HOW TO USE: it can be cured in UV lamps and high-quality LED lamps (Hybrid Color IT was tested using LED Silcare lamps)

* Non-standard packaging. The color may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture.