Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel WOW Woman 6 g

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TYPE: colors
COVERAGE: covering

Colors of the year 2018!!!

WOW Woman is independent, confident. She knows her worth and aims for self-realization. Live your life to the full, just like her, and fulfill yourself as strong, feisty woman who has a lot to say. Walk through life in high heels and show your femininity with new Color it! Premium WOW Woman hybrid gel collection. which maximally exposes sex appeal of every single one of us.

High amount of pigment makes great covering effect. It is easily and quickly applied. It’s 100% removable with acetone or soak off remover. Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel perfectly remains on nails, and its color is intensive, does not become dull and stays fresh, as if it just applied.


  • Optimal color saturation
  • Ideal covering with one layer
  • durable

Way of use: Apply on the base gel – 1 or 2 layers. Recommended curing time 2 minutes in the UV or UV/LED lamps. Secure the stylization with the top coat.

PALETTE Color IT Premium WOW Woman